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Discount & Wholesale Loose Diamonds and Custom Diamond Rings at Suite #860
at the Downtown Los Angeles Jewelry Mart, Los Angeles Jeweler “Open to the Public”
This is going to be a lengthy review but just for times sake the summary is General Diamonds was the best buying experience of my life period. They not only saved me from making a terrible mistake, but they made the most beautiful unique diamond ring I have ever seen. The Service, Selection, and Speed were all amazing.

My first experience with General Diamonds was in January when I had planned to head to the Diamond District downtown and hit up as many stores as possible. I scouted ahead and read a bunch of reviews to go to the five best places within the large International Jewelry Center. I brought along with me a Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring that had been given to me by my Grandma. I was actually looking to sell the diamond ring so that I was able to buy a round diamond stone. I went to my first four stores and they all roughly said the same thing... "Marquise's are not in, we sell maybe one a year, this will just sit on our shelf". Most would buy the ring for me 2-3K price range.

Then I went to General Diamonds. After I told them what I was hoping to do (sell the ring) , Farid and Aida both looked at me and said "Why would you sell this diamond ring? It is gorgeous. You will never get anywhere close to what it is worth." I said hmm and thanked them for their time as I left the building for the day after checking out their ring selection. I was a little bummed as I was hoping to get more for the ring and didn't see anything I absolutely loved.

Over the course of the next week I pondered what I thought I should do and finally I decided upon using the Marquise Diamond I already had. I decided you know what I haven't seen anything I love maybe I will design my own diamond ring getting ideas from online. I called Farid and asked if I could design my own ring with him and he said of course, that they would have no problem making me whatever I desired. That saturday I stopped in with a number of different pictures showing Farid the custom ring I was hoping to make. We talked for a bit and figured out everything from the sizing, what type of metal, and what type of diamonds on the band and halo. I then gave to him my Marquise stone, a small deposit, and he gave me an amazing price quote for the entire project.

Over the course of the next 3 months I went to General Diamonds a number of different times, the first was after the first renders had been completed, and then a few weeks later to see the finished wax mold of how the diamond ring would look, I then came in a saw the first rose gold part finished, and then the outer band. The entire time Farid and Aida always greeted me with a smile by name, and asked me how everything was going with my girlfriend and work. They truly cared about me as a human and not just a customer.

Finally the day came and they shot me an email saying the ring is finished, you may come in and get it anytime you like. When I walked in they gave me a smirk and said you are going to love this ring, it looks like a 100,000 dollar ring, and wait til you see the appraisal for the diamond! So after months upon months of work and waiting Farid finally pulled that black box out from behind the counter, and when he opened it up WOW, one of the most amazing diamond rings I have ever seen in my entire life. I could not believe that I was going to be able to slip that onto my girlfriend's hand and she would wear it forever. I was already on cloud 9 as I had just become the owner of the most amazing diamond engagement ring, but the story gets better.

Aida pulled out a pamphlet from EGL appraisals and said "You remember how everyone else was offering you around 2,000 dollars for your ring, the Diamond is a Tiffany's VS1 E color and was appraised for over 14,600 dollars". I nearly fell over right there on the spot. The fact that I almost sold that diamond for 2,000 dollars is a shame and if it weren't for Farid and Aida I would have. They would have gotten a five star review for their services but the fact that they were the only jeweler to tell me don't sell that ring it is very nice, speaks volumes about them as business owners but also as knowing their product.

I have been happily engaged for two weeks now and can honestly say Farid and Aida made the whole process so easy, fun, and rewarding that they have earned a customer for life and a man that will sing their praises to anyone that will listen. No matter what piece of jewelry you are looking for, this has to be your first stop. I not only trust them, but they make the whole process easy on an already stressed out boyfriend! Thank you so much Farid and Aida!
Eric G. Santa Monica, CA
Ten years ago, my wife and I visited General Diamonds after a friend recommended us. From the moment we spoke with Farid and Aida, we knew we were in good hands. We purchased my then girlfriend's engagement ring, wedding band, and my wedding ring from General Diamonds. Recently, when the time came to shop for a gift for my wife, I did not hesitate to make GD our first visit. Although my wife originally wanted a new ring from Tiffany, she was impressed with the custom designs that Farid came up with for us. Thanks Farid and Aida for making the process so easy and enjoyable.
Alex L. Tustin, CA
Love coming to General Diamonds!. Farid and Ida are the BEST!. I've been coming to them for over 15 years. They are honest and provide quality diamionds at Vesuvius pricing. They can make u anything
Joyce M. Arcadia
Great service
Beautiful merchandise
Very friendly
Been coming to them for over 20 years
Steve R. Long Beach, CA
My fiancé and I recently went to General Diamonds to see Farid and Aida. He had bought me a ring from a jewelry chain but we had so much trouble and hassle with it and the warranty that I told him I wanted to have a new ring made. My boss has always recommended General Diamonds to all of us at work and I wanted us to go and see what beautiful creation they could make. I took in my old ring and a pair of earrings so Farid could make me a new ring that still had elements of my old ring. When we returned to pick up my ring and band from General Diamonds I could not believe how stunning my ring was. I am completely in love with it and cannot be more thankful for Farid and Aida. After talking to my mom about the wonderful service we had I convinced her to send her wedding ring that she had not worn in over 20 years to them to have it resized. Her original diamond was chipped so they also changed out the diamond and re-dipped her ring in white gold. We picked it up this past weekend and she just loves her "new" ring. I must say that the friendliness of Farid and Aida add to the beautiful work they do. They are not just running a business but also making life long customers.
Shannon D. Bellflower, CA
My fiancé had my engagement ring made here and I can't say enough about how beautiful it is. I went with him to describe how I wanted my wedding band to look. We weren't sure it was possible to do but I had a vision of what I wanted it to look like. Picked up the rings today and I was speechless. The entire set is beyond what I imagined in my wildest dreams. So stunning. The customer service is fantastic, prices are great but most importantly they take your vision and make it reality times 10! I will be back for all of my jewelry needs!!!!!!!
Christyne B. Redondo Beach, CA
It's extremely rare when a business exceeds every expectation you had, but Farid and Aida were (and are) simply amazing! In the past, I've always used Tiffany as my jeweler, but when it was time to get an engagement ring, I wanted to shop around a bit. General Diamonds came highly recommended by a friend who's family has exclusively used them for the past 15+ years and after shopping around to ensure they were the best in quality, price and customer service, they were BY FAR the best in all categories. I gave them my budget, details about the ring I was looking for and the timeframe for delivery (a pretty tight turnaround of 3 weeks) and they not only delivered a custom ring on time, but even made some great suggestions that my fiancé ended up loving! I honestly don't think she would have liked the ring as much or the proposal would have happened without them. I will be using them for all my jewelry needs from this point forward - no joke. Thanks again Farid and Aida!
Dorian I. Los Angeles, CA
I just Proposed to my girlfriend Amanda in Cancun last week. Farid and Aida made me feel really comfortable from the start, never once making me feel like I had to spend a bunch of $$$ on a ring like other local jewelry shops do.. All the complements she's been receiving about her ring is an awesome feeling! I would highly recommend going to see Farid and Aida if you're looking for an engagement ring!!!!

Thank you Farid and Aida!!
Matt P. Glendora, CA
My fiancée and I purchased our wedding bands here after purchasing my engagement band and knew this is the only place to take care of our jewelry needs. We LOVE that they remembered us after being engaged for 3 years and not seeing them for about that amount of time! We also love that they show us many options and are able to take notes on what we really like and what we may be interested in purchasing the the future. That sort of detail is rare! They truly are the best and take their time with their customers and leave no detail too small to talk about or un-noticed. We have began to feel like they are part of our family!

Even when I forgot to include a letter on my future husbands engraving, Farid and Aida are able to work with me on my mistake to help me fix it and come up with options. I couldn't be more thankful and blessed.

We can't wait to wear our beautiful wedding bands from them in Maui!

Thank you Farid and Aida!
Marissa Q. San Pedro, CA
I found General Diamonds this June 2016, while my daughter and her fiance were picking up their wedding rings. I brought along one of my rings that had not been cleaned in years and a ring that had a bent prong on it. Aida and Farid were so professional and happy to help me take care of my rings. My ring came back polished and sparkling and my diamonds looked gorgeous, much prettier than the day it was placed on my finger. I was able to try on a variety of rings while I was there from their beautiful selection. They gave me a lot of tips and great information. I highly recommended everyone to visit them for whatever your jewelry needs may be. Engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday or just because.
Thank you General Diamonds
Lisa Quesada San Pedro, CA
General Diamonds is an amazing place to buy your engagement and wedding bands! Couldn't ask for more attentive, caring and professional service. They really care about the quality of what they are selling, and care about you. Love Farid and Aida! They give you recommendations about what will look the best. Thank you General Diamonds!
Alison L. Bellflower, CA
Just bought some diamond earrings for my wife. Great experience got better quality diamond for less money from what we found at Costco. Happy wife happy life. Thanks Faird and Ida you guys are amazing!
Jevon P. Costa Mesa, California
What an experience my first time buying a ring and they made it so much easier for me they are amazing people and they know there stuff and very very friendly I would recommend everyone that I know to come here,
Daniel L. Tustin, CA
Yet once again, the professionalism, the intelligence, and the absolute dedication to maximum quality is here!! Farid El-Khoury dedicates himself to excellence!!! I bought my fiancée's engagement ring here (see pictures) and will buy all other rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings from GENERAL DIAMONDS!!!
Christian M. Vallejo, CA
Visited General Diamonds last weekend and WOW! Talk about a great experience. My fiancé and I have been to many jewelry places and General Diamonds is by far the best. They helped us with picking out our wedding bands. All other jewelers had told my fiancé that she was going to need to have her wedding band customized because her engagement ring was so unique. Well that was not true. They helped us pick out an amazing weeding band that went perfectly with her engagement ring. My fiancé was so pleased that she was not pressured into anything. They listened to her and what she wanted. They even made the ring that she wanted into a Rose Gold color. What a great experience. I was even able to get my ring as well. I told them what I was looking for but at the time they did not have the ring I wanted. I showed them a picture of what I wanted and within two weeks they had it for me. Great prices as well.
Brian H. Ranch Santa Margarita
Farid and Aida we amazing.. they helped my fiancé and I pick out the best wedding band to go with my custom engagement ring... they were not pushy, and we tried on just about everything it felt like.. the end product was more thank we could of hoped and the two of them are some if the best people I have met.. thank you.
Amanda T. Ranch Santa Margarita, CA
Went to several other Jewelers in the district but decided on General Diamonds because of quality, price and service.
Farid and Aida were the highest quality for the price. They followed through on everything they promised and were very professional. They are a husband and wife team that have been in the same location for decades.
B.M. Laguna Niguel, CA
I recently purchased a diamond engagement ring from Farid and Aida at General Diamonds and it turned out to be such a great experience. Farid was introduced to me by my future father in law and turned out to be the most helpful jeweler I have ever worked with. We came up with the concept for the ring based on a few different designs that my fiancé liked. Farid worked his magic and out came this incredible ring. My fiancé and I could not be more happy! Thanks Farid and Aida!
Andy T. Fresno, CA
High quality and Best customer service! They treat you like family. Mr. Farid enlightens and will gives you a diamond lesson 101 course before you buy. They do not judge you when you are looking for that right diamond ring. You can give them your ideas and Mr. Farid and his wife makes it a reality. I recommend them to anyone. They will continue to be my family's go to jeweler.
M.H. Long Beach, California
So far I've purchased my wife's wedding, anniversary, and now earrings. Always friendly and personal service from General Diamonds. We love the quality and care they give to our every purchase. Easy parking, easy access and the best selection.
Warren Taylor Glendale, CA
farid was great! Very accommodating and willing to go the extra mile. I'm glad I chose them to buy my fiancées diamond engagement ring!
Aaron P. Redondo Beach
These guys are the the real deal. I shopped everywhere before deciding to work with Aida and Farid on this most important project. Don't bother with all the other, they gave me the best pricing from the beginning. We had a ring made that my fiance' simply adores and cost me less than half of what other "discount" places were trying to charge. I look at certification etc...these two have it all. Quality and professionalism, couldn't have asked for a better experience, or PRICE!!
Nate H. Santa Monica
My finace went to Farid & Aida after being recommended by my boss. My boss was recommended by the owner of our company. They have a long history of wonderful customer service. My finace gave Farid a picture of what I wanted, and not only did Farid incorporate every detail I wanted, but he made it even more beautiful and intricate than I could have asked for. When I went to see them to pick out our wedding bands, they made it fun and exciting and gave us a great deal. He even took my ring before the wedding for a deep cleaning so that it sparkled like new on our wedding day. They will take care of you!
Carmen A. Los Alamitos, CA
Got my fiancé's engagement ring and wedding band custom made at General Diamonds. Beautiful work! Delivered on time and at a great price.
Juan S. Lakewood, CA
I have used Farid several times now and it was a pleasure dealing with him from start to finish. I bought my engagement ring and wedding bands from General Diamonds and am so happy with the way everything turned out. Since I was new to buying jewelry, I did a lot of research and a lot of shopping around at other jewelers and Farid was by far the best value and is extremely knowledgable. The next time I am in the market for something, I won't waste any time and will go straight to General Diamonds. Thank you for all your help and the beautiful rings you created.
MichaelC. Dana Point, Calilfornia
I just bought a gorgeous diamond engagement ring from Farid and wanted to share how great of an experience it was. He was terrific at helping me find exactly what I wanted, while working with me to find something in my price range. It was obvious that his first priority was finding the perfect ring for me.

Ring shopping can be stressful, but Farid makes the process as easy as possible. Plus, they make their rings from scratch and can accommodate any design that you have in mind.

I would absolutely recommend them to all my friends and family.
David D.
La Jolla, CA
Love this place!! My fiancé got my engagement ring there and it was perfect exactly what I wanted! Farid and Aida are the most helpful people when coming to jewelry. My fiancé and I went back to purchase our wedding bands and they always recognize us and welcome us in. My parents have been going to them for years now. My experiment was amazing!! I highly recommend this jewelry store especially for engagement and wedding rings. Their prices are great and their diamonds are to die for!! Thanks for such an amazing experience, Farid and Aida!

Angelica R.
Simi Valley, California
My fiancé and I had a great experience overall! Farid and Aida were extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend them to any friends or family. I had a good idea of what I wanted, but they helped me choose a great stone and setting that my wife loves. I will definitely be returning for anniversary gifts!
Frank H.
Calabasas, CA
Farid and Aida were great! I ordered a new wedding ring for my husband and re-set my engagement ring. Their prices were reasonable, my items were completely on time and I've gotten numerous compliment on our rings. Plus, they are so nice and easy to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Minnie Q.
Redondo Beach, CA
Recommended from my friend who recently got his engagement ring here.

I imagine most people buy diamonds/engagement just once in their lives, and Farid and Aida delivered the most important things my fiancé I wanted:
1. Trustworthy
2. Knowledgeable yet approachable
3. Love what they do
4. Excellent customer service

They recently re-sized my ring for free with a smile as well. Farid and Aida genuinely love to make people happy through their work and will point you towards the right diamond.
Caroline Y.
Los Angeles, CA
I went to Farid and Aida based on the Yelp reviews and it was definitely a great choice. They were so wonderful and not only helped us explore options but, ultimately, create a ring based on my original piece.

They were thoughtful and really strove to find the perfect fit for me - not maximize their sale price. Can't stress enough how easy and simple the process was. Thanks for a great experience and a beautiful ring!

Mimi C.
Philadelphia, PA

Farid and his wife created my dream engagement ring that I will cherish and show off for the rest of my life. My fiancé and I showed them a picture of a ring style that I loved and after a brief consultation they created a beautiful masterpiece that took my breath away. I cannot wait to go back and design my love's wedding band with them.

Kristen S.
Dana Point, CA

General Diamonds deserves all of its five stars. My fiancée and I had a wonderful experience with Farid and Aida, and the custom wedding ring they made for me is exactly what I wanted. They are kind, they listen and they don't push. Most importantly, they are honest and the quality of their work is exceptional.

Elena D.
Los Angeles, CA

My fiance and I went to see Farid and Aida (through the recommendation of my soon-to-be mother-in-law) to design my engagement ring. I came in with an idea in mind (along with a family heirloom). They were so accommodating and had wonderful ideas. I was a little bit of a worry wart and Farid assured me that everything would be beautiful. If I ever had a question, my emails were answered in a very timely manner. When we went to pick up the ring, I was shocked by how stunning it was. The design was more than I had expected. Every little detail was perfect. I will go back again, and would recommend them to anyone
Lauren H
Vista CA
My fiancé Dionisio surprised me with the most beautiful ring from General Diamonds. After all my family and friends ogled over my ring he told me he had the best experience designing the perfect ring for me. He said, "They were really good guys!" and coming from him that's a big deal. I asked him where he wanted to go to pick out his wedding ring and he insisted on his trusted friends General Diamonds to find exactly what he likes and to give us the best deal. Thank you General Diamonds! We will see you again soon!
Nicole P
Lancaster, CA
Hands down the best company to do business with. Great service, high pay outs and friendly service reps. highly recommended.
Bino K
Los Angeles, CA
We recently visited General Diamonds when we were in California to visit our Grand kids. We have been customers of Farid and Aida for over 13 year. I inherited jewelry from by Mother and wanted something special to remember her by. He made me a custom ring with my mother's stones and did a beautiful job. They were so helpful in the process to make sure I was happy and satisfied with the design. Over the years we have purchased many items from their store and many of our friends and family members from Nebraska are now customers as well. If you want quality and honesty at a fair price I would highly recommend General Diamonds for your fine jewelry purchase.

Shelly F
Lincoln NE
It was a true pleasure working with Farid and Aida. Being the owners, they're very passionate about their products and making their customers 100% satisfied. You can't get that service from other retailers. A friend referred me and I've already told several of my friends! I purchased both the engagement ring and wedding bands. She loves both! Thank you!
Scott S
Pasadena, CA
General Diamonds has been an amazing supplier of mine for a long time.
Every time I need a new piece of jewelry for a party or event, I always
use them. The pieces come in a day or two tops. General Diamonds has SO
many options. I am always satisfied with the things I receive from them.
I have actually referred quite a few of my friends to them and they
love their stuff too. General Diamonds has high standards and great care for
their customers. I love General Diamonds and love to shop with them!
Danielle G
Los Angeles, CA
My hubby just recently had a 14k gold bangle custom made for me by General Diamonds. The bracelet is sooooo beautiful and elegant. It looks amazing on my wrist. We had been looking around for a gold bangle for a while and couldn't find anyone who can custom make one that is high quality and at a reasonable price. Then we talked to Aida at General Diamonds and she showed me a sample and it was exactly what I wanted. Needless to say, I am very happy and satisfied with my beautiful gold bangle. I will definitely come back to General Diamonds for future jewelry purchases!
Annie N.
Los Angeles, CA
We had the best experience getting my engagement ring from General Diamonds! We went ring shopping and I picked out a ring from one of the expensive jewelry companies out there. We brought the specs to General Diamonds and they walked us through the entire process of making the same ring. We got a great deal on the diamond, and even better quality that we originally planned for! The ring is absolutely beautiful and perfect, and I can't wait to come back for our wedding bands!

Thank you so much, you guys are amazing!!
Amy C
Hermosa Beach, CA
Very helpful and expert advice. They can custom make your ring which is what they did for me. I felt very confident that I was getting an amazing ring for a very fair price. You wont be disappointed.
They also have other types of jewlery. After I propose, my girlfriend and I are definitely going here to get our wedding bands.
Bryan L
Los Angeles, CA
After searching online for rings, I found the need for a tactile shopping experience to convince me of what I had seen online. My experience at General Diamonds made me glad I made that decision.

Aida was nothing but warm and helpful from the moment we walked in their door. I explained my less-than-Beverly-Hills budget, and she enthusiastically proceeded to show me several quality options. I didn't expect to feel comfortable shopping for rings, but Aida and Farid proved me wrong, and I'm glad about that.

I'm extremely pleased with the rings we selected. The pricing and customer service are extremely nice elements of shopping at General Diamonds.
Mark P
Los Angeles, CA
I wanted to buy my girlfriend an engagement ring, and there was a designer ring at a big chain that she had her heart set on. I checked the prices at the big chain and it was too much for the size and quality I wanted. After some shopping around I found a local jeweler that could make the ring. But, he said he would work with me on the price. So it seemed like there was a decent mark up.

A friend recommended that I go to General Diamonds. I took the trip to LA to see if I could get a better deal, and I am so glad that I did. The location was easy to find, and there was ample parking in the paid lot. I met with Aida and Farid and showed them pictures of what I wanted. We discussed size, and clarity and we looked at several different sizes of diamonds. Aida and Farid were very knowledgable and talked with me about budget and delivery date. Their price blew the other jeweler out of the water and I was able to afford a larger diamond while still getting the quality and clarity that I wanted.

The ring was ready on the delivery date and it was exactly what I wanted. I couldn't believe how perfect the ring was. My fiancé was so happy that I gave her the one ring design that she has wanted for years.

The ring is perfect and I saved so much money. Aida and Farid were professional and friendly. I am so glad that I went to General Diamond and would recommend them to any friend or family member
Jeff H
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
What a fantastic experience i had with Aida and her husband Farid!! My wedding ring looks beautiful i HIGHLY recommend this place. You tell them what you want and they give you exactly what they promise. So thankful that i was referred to them by a friend of mine. I dont yelp often but when its a big deal like this i do. I want every girl to have the same experience as me and my fiance did!
Carolyn M
Cerritos, CA
Buying jewelry in Downtown L.A is definitely overwhelming with the countless number of stores that compete for your attention. I personally had a few bad experiences and found extremely difficult to find TRUST in a jeweler.

At last I found Farid and his wife, kindhearted people who realize the importance of trust, and will offer you the best diamonds for the best price. No confusing verbose, no pushy sales, just honest people that will give you the best you can afford.

I found my jewelry at last and I am not going anywhere else.
Rani W
Newport Beach, CA
Buying jewelry in Downtown L.A is definitely overwhelming with the countless number of stores that compete for your attention. I personally had a few bad experiences and found extremely difficult to find TRUST in a jeweler.

At last I found Farid and his wife, kindhearted people who realize the importance of trust, and will offer you the best diamonds for the best price. No confusing verbose, no pushy sales, just honest people that will give you the best you can afford.

I found my jewelry at last and I am not going anywhere else.
Erik S
Santa Ana, California
Anyone who appreciates the beauty of a diamond must visit the General Diamonds . The shopping experience was easy and hassle-free.
The variety was unbeatable and the prices unbelievable. I received the ring ,the very next day, and in excellent packaging and condition. I would highly recommend this to everyone.
Brendon C.
Los Angeles, CA
My fiancé surprised me with a beautiful solitaire diamond engagement ring from here. It was recommended by another friend who had purchased his fiance's ring here. My fiancé told me what a great experience he had with both Farid & Aida so we went back when I was looking for the perfect setting. They customized my dream ring & I have to admit, I was really nervous when picking it up, but all my reservations disappeared when I laid eyes on it. It was perfect! I can't stop looking at it.
My fiancé told me he got a good price, the quality was great as well as their expertise & customer service. We will b coming back for our wedding bands & will recommend to our friends! Thank you!
Lizette G
San Diego
Decided to come here based on the recommendation of a friend and was not disappointed. Brought my fiance so she could choose her ring style and the owners were friendly, informative and very patient. Add in that the prices here are very fair and you have a perfect place to pick up a ring. I only regret not coming here in the first place instead of wasting time checking out other jewelers. The positive reviews are well deserved. If you are looking for a ring there's no need to shop around, just come here and you will be well taken care of.
Teddy M
Los Angeles
Aida and Farid were wonderful. They are legit and treated me so well I felt like I had a friend in the business. I look at my ring and it is beautiful and sparkly and the price was so reasonable and they were so easy to work with. I can't say enough to encourage you to go there. If you are on a budget or want to get the most sparkle for your buck, go see them. My friends sometimes make fun of me because my rings are so blingy which surprises me but I guess that means I did well getting something that looks really expensive even though we were on a budget.
Lynda W
Mammoth Lakes, CA

What a great experience i had with Farid and Aida. Before i bought the ring i was feeling nervous because i wanted to make sure i was getting a good deal and a great ring. Farid and Aida made me feel comfortable by not being pushy or rude. They really took into consideration that i was new to the diamond industry and they explained everything that a diamond has to offer (It was like my own private class about diamonds). They both took the anxiety out off buying an engagement ring. Thank you, Farid and Aida!

I bought the engagement ring in June 2013 and I will be DEFINITELY coming back to buy her wedding band this month. See you soon!
Alfonso L.
Lynwood, Ca
My fiancé went to the diamond district with the basic knowledge. After the confusing elevators dumped him on this floor he randomly selected this place. What a great find! He is the bargain shopper and picked out the most beautiful stone and setting.

He then went and shopped a few more places. We came back together on a Saturday afternoon a few days later and they remember him and were so happy to help us again. They had the stone and setting ready to show me. Aida could not have been more patient and explained everything to us. They had the ring ready to go a few hours later for us! I would use this place again without a doubt. They are professional and experienced!!

Thank you both for such a great experience.
Henderson, NV
Buying the engagement ring for my finace at General Diamonds was a wonderful experience. I was a novice when it came to diamonds and jewelry in general, but they took the few vague things I said I wanted and translated it into a beautiful ring. They were very patient with me, explaining every part of the ring and my options. And at no time did I feel pressured to spend more money. In fact, I had to talk them into selling me a nicer diamond! Can't recommend this store enough. Run by a wonderful couple.
Matteson P
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
My husband bought my wedding ring here. He surprised me with a plain band with a nice size diamond . He knew that I would want to be involved in the ring chose so they let us trade that ring back towards the ring of my dreams. Fantastic way to do it by the way. I get compliments on my ring at least twice a week-seriously. They will definately bend over backwards for you and with their knowledge there is no way that you will not be completely satisfied and glowing when you leave. I Cannot wait to take my BFF there tomorrow to choose her dream ring.
Cheri L
Culver City, CA
So first off the LA jewelry district is a great place to get an engagement ring due to the sheer amount of stores in the area and the resulting wholesale and competitive prices. I probably visited close to 15 stores in the district and would definitely recommend reading the yelp reviews on places you visit/plan on visiting as some of the higher rated stores are really helpful and some stores should be avoided due to reports of shady behavior.

On to General Diamonds. I have nothing but great things to say about Farid and Aida. Again I had visited a bunch of stores so I had many comparison points and they were definitely among the nicest, most helpful, and competitive in price. Initially when I went they didn't have what I was looking for, but made a big effort to have several diamonds sent in matching what I was looking for (specifically GIA certified, type of cut, range of color/clarity/etc). I was definitely pleased with quality of the diamond and was pleasantly surprised to find that even after they took the effort to get these diamonds sent in the prices were still among the most competitive of the many many stores I looked at.

Another thing I loved about General Diamonds is that they can custom make the setting so you get exactly what you want. I found these setting were a little more costly then the stock ones offered at other stores but it's custom made for the diamond so the fit is great.

Overall my fiancee tells me almost weekly about the continued compliments she still gets about the ring (recently even had a person ask to take a picture of it because she liked it so much). I would say do your research and take a look around several places to get an idea of prices and what you want but definitely check this place out, I highly recommend them to all my friends, and already have plans to go back for our wedding bands.
Hetty W
Bronx, NY
I purchased my wedding band from General Diamonds and I couldn't be happier! I went in based off all the great reviews Farid and Aida received from Yelp. They both gave excellent service while I was trying on different bands. Aida was so helpful in showing me different styles that would match my engagement ring. Farid even offered a free polishing of my ring. They were able to make my band in less than two weeks and in time for my wedding. It is beautiful and I've already gotten so many compliments. Please visit General Diamonds - you will not regret it!
Lorin H
Los Angeles, CA
What a wonderful Experience. My wife and I have been married 20 years. We originally got married with just bands. well now that we have raised 3 kids and are empty nesters we decided it was time to have a diamond for her finger. We drove 4 hours to L.A. and happened on General Diamonds because of the positive reviews.
The help we received from Farid and Aida was amazing we felt like family. Needless to say we picked out a beautiful new wedding set design for my wife along with a loose diamond and it is being made at this time. 2 more weeks and we pick it up. We will post pictures. If you are ever looking for Jewelry Please go se Farid and Aida you won't be disappointed
Ben and Carl
Clovis, CA
I actually found this place because of Yelp, and I must say the 5 star reviews are well deserved. I went to several jewelers around Orange County and LA, and found that the prices and quality at General Diamonds were outstanding. Aida (one of the owners) was a pleasure to work with. My girlfriend told me her ring size that turned out to be much larger then her actual size. We took it back to General Diamonds to get it fixed but they could not re size the ring because the difference was too they made an entire new ring for us at no charge! The quality of the ring is amazing and I'm more then pleased with the whole experience there. She gets compliments on the ring every day. We will definitely be back there to purchase out wedding bands there as well.
Erik S
Santa Ana
WOW I am very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship that was put into making my fiances engagement ring. It is BEAUTIFUL!! Excellent customer service and I highly recommend General Diamonds.You have to come here to get Diamonds
Patrick M
Fountain Valley, CA
I was looking for some diamond studded earrings for my wife for Christmas and I wanted to avoid the mall as the prices are inflated. Farid and Aida at General Diamond took care of me. They are honest people who understand that repeat business is more valuable than trying to cheat people to make a buck. I look forward to upgrading my purchased in the future.
Thomas C
Buena Park, CA
While surfing through the downtown area me and my husband saw this place and thereafter went there. Farid and Aida are so great. They told us to feel free to try their designer jewelries and we found out a nice pair of antique earrings.

Price was affordable too. Customer service is great. Wanna go there again.
Alex M.
Los Angeles, California
Wow where to began!
My fiancée and I just got engaged May 4th he purchased a ring from Robbins bros within the first couple of days I realized my band was cracked! Long story short I gave Robbins bros 3 chances to fix all 3 rings which all developed cracks that I was given before I looked up jewelry stores in Los Angeles and decided to put Robbins bros behind us.
I stumbled upon General diamonds and their yelp comments and begged my fiancée for us to go there! He had prejudgments about it but we just went there this morning and I can not express to everyone how they exceeded our expectations!!! Everything everyone says about them is true!! They are both amazing and they give you so many options with whatever budget you may have. I have no need to look anywhere else I am only going to Aida and Farid for all my jewelry needs! I highly recommend everyone skipping those commercial jewelry stores. I can not thank them enough on how happy they have made me and my fiancée.
Marissa Q.
San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA
There is no possibility of getting less than five stars of this place because the service the provide undoubtedly great and awesome.

Amazing collections and great designs loveable!!!!

The Impressive and courteous behavior perfect!!!

Wonderful inner deco!!!

Decent and reasonable pricing affordable!!!
Admir V.
Riverside, California
We came to general diamonds for our wedding bands and were very pleased with the result. Unlike many of those other ring shops that get lost in advertising, specials, and poor customer service, General Diamond is a small shop run by an amazing husband and wife team that truly want you to be happy with your purchase. They helped us select both wedding bands we needed, listened to our preferences and requests, and then filled our order exactly as we wanted in half the they estimated. They also agreed to engrave my wedding band for free, which was a great perk. Additionally, they said we could come back and get the rings cleaned and polished before the wedding at no additional cost.

Even though they are located in a sort of bizarre building downtown in the diamond district, I encourage any of you that are serious about jewelery to pay them a visit.
Scott T.
Los Angeles, CA
Very nice and helpful They did great work and were very timely. I did some price checking before going and feel the price we got for my Anniversary ring was fair.
Chris D.
Woodland Hills, CA
Farid and Aida were excellent! I visited quite a few jewelers before being referred to General Diamonds by a good friend and coworker. I found them to be very kind, professional, and knowledgeable and they had an extensive selection to choose from.

I was fortunate to be able to use my grandmother's diamond for an engagement ring and I was nervous about leaving it with anyone. When the time came to set it, Farid brought me to the diamond setter and the polisher so I could keep the diamond in my sight throughout the entire process. The ring is amazing and I couldn't be happier. I will be back for the wedding bands and will definitely refer friends.
Rory A.
Torrance, CA
I don't really write reviews but Farid and Aida are amazing. I had to write them a review because I feel obligated after they helped me custom make a ring in a short period of time. They were punctual, trustworthy, and honest. They got back to me within the hour after I sent them an email. They actually seemed to care? I checked out probably 10 stores + and this is the first place I felt comfortable and not pressured. Please check them out!

P.S. I'm also going to shop there for wedding bands soon!
James H.
Venice, California
Got my wedding band from Farid and Aida a few months ago - what a great experience! Very personable people, great design and prices - highly recommend to anyone looking for quality jewelry pieces.
Taty S.
Los Angeles, California
Farid and Aida and awesome!! My family has been going to them for years. My boyfriend recently took me here to get me some diamond earrings, and the price was amazing, and they took their time with us. Even though we weren't buying a 5 carat ring (yet) they still made us feel very special. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, whether you need a special gift for a birthday or anniversary, or you are looking for an engagement ring - they will help!!!
Laura K.
Studio City, California
This is my first time to write a review on yelp. Farid and Aida are so great that I had to write a them review. I went to buy our engagement ring last August. Since we are students with little budget, they tried hard to find a perfect one to fit our budget. I am easily allergic to material with poor quality. However, that didn't happen to me this time. I believe the General Diamond uses the best quality material. It was a pleasant experience with Farid and Aida. I will come back for our wedding bands soon.
Yi Lin C.
Los Angeles, CA
Farid and Aida were absolutely the best. I spent weeks looking at tons of other jewelers but was really impressed with the service at General Diamonds. They did not try to up sell me and did not pressure me in any way. They provided all of the information I could have asked for about the ring and the stone and my options. They helped me create the perfect ring for my fiancee which had to be custom designed and crafted. Farid paid as much attention as I did to every detail about the ring and they made sure the ring was ready in record time. Even with this excellent level of service, they gave me a terrific price on a fantastic diamond and ring. Most importantly, my fiancee loves the ring and we will definitely be coming back here for our wedding bands and other jewelry.
San Gabriel, CA
This place is so great. I had my wedding band made here almost ten years ago, and when i came back today to get a few new pieces made, they remembered my husband and me. That totally floored me. Anyway, they were generous with their time, totally accommodating to all my whims and really warm to deal with overall. I recently sent a friend their way, too, and she was really pleased. Oh, another thing that impressed me was their lack of upselling. A lot of places will give you attitude once you take up their time- but they totally understood and didn't push it when I said there were a few pieces I still had to think about because of my budget. That lack of sales-pressure is priceless to me.

Meredith H.
Los Angeles, CA
The place to go downtown, unless you'd rather run around guessing who to trust.
Wonderful selection, personalized service and quality jewelry.
Warren and Marji

Waren T.
Glendale, CA

the best diamonds ever. owners are kind and very helpful. this is the place to go if you need diamonds with great quality and an outstanding price tag

Joe P.
Glendale, CA
I truly love this place. They treat you like family. After agonizing if I would be able to get my now wife a quality engagement ring I was directed to General Diamonds. Then they were able to work with me again for our wedding bands.
Great people, great service, outstanding product.

Gabriel H.
Los Angeles, CA

Farid and Aida are wonderful. I purchased my wife's engagement ring here and they were warm and helpful and NEVER pushy. The quality of their jewelry is top notch and their prices are unbeatable. I bought my wedding bands there as well and I've continued to buy holiday gifts, birthday gifts, anything I can think of -- they're always committed to please. I recommend them to everyone I know.

Alex K.
Los Angeles, CA

This place is amazing!!! I love it and love the people that works there. Farid & Aida are wonderful people with wonderful personalities, very patient, honest and care about what you want and never trying to push a sale on you. I am a regular customer and everytime I go to General Diamonds, they make me feel like a family member. They do their best to get you what you are looking for at an extremely competitive prices that you won't find anywhere. Try it once and you get hooked!!!

Laurice C.
Sierra Madre, CA

General Diamonds was recommended to us by a friend. We were looking for wedding bands and decided to shop several other jewelers before going to General Diamonds. Turned out there was no need. General Diamonds was the only jeweler that had what we wanted and offered the best price. Farid and Aida were very helpful and there was no sales pressure.

Ken T.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
We had been shopping for an engagement ring and the wedding bands for months and we happened to stumble upon General Diamonds and Farid the owner. I just have to say we will be customers for life and our experience exceeded our expectation. The quality. The craftsmanship and the customer service out of this world. JC

Juan V.
Victorville, CA

Best Jeweler around. I bought my wife's engagement ring here when I lived in Los Angeles. I was amazed by the quality, value, and service I received from Farid and Aida. 5 years later for our fifth anniversary I wanted to get a matching band to surprise my wife. I live in San Francisco now and Farid and Aida were so accommodating and did everything over the phone - the ring was perfect. I will be back here for all my future jewelry needs.

Brandon K.
Walnut Creek, CA

My husband and I originally went to General Diamonds back in 1998 and loved the prices and service we received. Years later after losing weight my husband lost his platinum wedding band...we waited and saved to buy a new one and looked around at prices. We decided to give General Diamonds a call and not only did they still have the original information on file for the exact ring they also gave us the best price we could find out there for platinum.

I love this place and would recommend it to all my friends!

Teresa G.
Torrance, CA

After going to just about every store in the enormous Jewelry/Diamond building in Downtown LA, I decided to go with General Diamonds based solely on the gut feeling that I got from Farid and Aida.

And that gut feeling was right!!

I went there to replicate a fake ring that my wife has into the real thing, which is something she has wanted for a while. Since it was a surprise, I couldn't actually take the ring to show them, so they were working off a picture I took from my cell phone. Also, to clarify, this fake ring was not a simple was 4 rings inter-twined and very unique.

Their quality, workmanship, and design were immaculate...and the price was fair too! They were helpful, friendly, and most importantly they far exceeded my expectations. My wife was surprised and amazed that someone could create a better version of this unique ring.

Go ahead, go to every store in that Jewelry Mart, but make sure to visit Farid and Aida at General Diamonds on the 8th floor and I'm guessing you'll be a satisfied customer just as I am.

I would highly recommend General Diamonds to anyone that is looking for high quality jewelry for a fair price. I will definitely be working with them again in the future.

Jason S.
Los Angeles, CA

My husband and I just by chance walked into General Diamonds showroom. We were looking for diamond stud earrings and have purchased other jewelry items in the jewelry district, so we were somewhat familiar with the area. Right away we were greeted by Aida and felt welcome. My husband began asking Farid different diamond stud earring questions and Farid was straight up and honest. We knew what we wanted and Farid helped us with the selection. Within 10 minutes we picked out the earrings and walked out the door happy customers. I would definitely recommend General Diamonds to those looking for something special. There were many beautiful items in the case I had to keep focused on the stud earrings. My earrings are gorgeous, sparkly and the right amount of bling for a fabulous price. Thanks Aida and Farid!

Monica C.
Whitter, CA

Farid and his wife made the process of creating our wedding bands and engagement ring beyond special. They took time to get to know us and were able to help us with everything we needed. We worked with them to customize every aspect of our rings... which came out even better than we'd hoped. Not only are they a pleasure to work with, we never had to worry or doubt that we were in good hands with the best possible product. Even though we live in NY, we choose to purchase our fine jewelry from General Diamonds because of the quality of the product and the personalized service. I would and do recommend them to everyone. Great people and amazing jewelry.

Lauren S.
Briarcliff Manor, NY

Best place to go for rings. Owners are friendly and very helpful. My husband and I expected to be ring shopping for a few hours, with our first stop being General Diamonds and next thing you know, we are customizing a ring. Couldn't be happier with our decision! Because it was nearly Christmas time when we purchased our rings, they were busy with their customization and we were told that we may not get our rings til after New Years which we were fine with. Ends up, they are calling us to pick up our rings couple weeks before Christmas. My ring came out beautiful and so so happy. I absolutely love it! I never thought ring shopping can be so easy. Our first stop, couldn't be happier!

Karen C.
Hawthorne, CA
My husband brought me down to General Diamonds to pick out my own 5 year anniversary band. I was greeted by both Aida and her husband, and instantly felt comfortable with them among the shimmering diamonds. Aida did an amazing job helping me try and find something that fit my style, but when nothing was quite right, she told me I could customize any of the rings, or design my own.

On that note, I picked out something similar to what I was dreaming of, and with a little change here and there, they were able to create the ring of my dreams!

Kym V.
Chatsworth, CA
General Diamonds did a fantastic job helping me find the right ring for the right price. Farid is very reasonable and knowledgable. They will help you with price since that is a major concern when buying a ring. I knew the bare minimum about diamonds when I came in and he knew just what I was looking for without me having to say a lot.

I highly recommend that if you're thinking about buying an engagement ring, or any kind of jewelry, you head down here.

Parking can be difficult, but it's worth it if you want a fair deal. And if you are thinking about using Robbins Brothers, don't. Use them to get an idea of what your fiance wants, then go here to get it at half the price. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that they don't do financing, so have money saved or a credit card ready. But considering that you will be charged twice as much to finance, this is the way to go.

Ted G.
Hawthorne, CA
Love this place! Farid and his wife are the best and will always work hard to help you find the right jewlery! My husband and I bought our wedding bands here, my engagement ring and my cross. We are also always sending our friends to this place! So far our friends have bought 2 engagement rings and diamond earrings and they all had positive things to say! Thanks Farid and see you soon!

Mary P.
Los Angeles, CA
Very nice quality jewelry for great price! The owners are so kind and friendly, love this place, will recommend it to everyone.

Monica A.
Los Angeles, CA
My fiance and I purchased both of our rings from General Diamonds and there wasn't one aspect of the experience that I would change. If you are going to the diamond district in LA, you owe it to yourself to at least check out Farid and Aida's business in the International Jewelry Center. They were the nicest shop owners we found and their merchandise is top quality.  Farid and Aida made us feel very comfortable about our decision and we are thankful we found them.

Mitch E.
Brea, CA
Farid at General Diamonds did a great job!  My finance and I both got our wedding bands through him and they came out perfect.  The ladies band had to be specially designed to fit the engagement ring, and he did a spectacular job.  Farid even made the ring better than originally requested for no extra charge!  Of course he approved it with me first.  We went to tons of DTLA jewelry shops, and Farid won because of price (he gave us the lowest of all the others), but he will have our recommendation and return business because he was a total gentleman, easy to work with (not pushy), and went above & beyond expectations with both price and quality.  Now we can be happily ever after...

Tim H.
Los Angeles, CA
I had an amazing and effortless experience with Farid and Aida. They were really supportive in the entire process of buying my wife's engagement ring, and I am really happy I listened to my buddy and came here. I've been sending all my friends to General Diamonds, and they've all had similarly fantastic experiences. The LA Jewelry Mart could be confusing, but save your time and headache by visiting General Diamonds. I'm so happy I did.

Jason S.
Los Angeles, CA
I bought my future wife's diamond engagement ring here.  Picked out a very elegant, unique style that was actually in their showcase.  Totally unlike any other ring I have seen in the three months I had been looking for rings and the three months after that I have been critiqueing all other styles since I bought hers.  Was referred by my friend who was referred by their relative.  Definitely worth referring to others!  Just purchased our wedding bands with them for our wedding in July.  They look great!  Custom designed my wedding band.  Everything is stunning.  Great people, with great customer service, and amazing prices too!

Carey M.
Long Beach, CA
Let me start this review by giving some background information on my search for the perfect engagement ring for my fiance.  

I started out going ring shopping for my fiance about 6 months ago.  I went to what seems like every retail ring store in a 30 mile radius.  I was getting so dejected because I could not find a ring that I loved at a price that was actually affordable.  Finding the perfect engagement ring was quickly going from fun to super stressful.

That is when I got the help of my sister.  Her husband had purchased her ring at general diamonds and highly recommended this place.  General Diamonds has been his family's jeweler for generations.  As soon as I stepped into general diamonds, I could tell that I was in a different sort of place.  Farid and Aida were sooooo helpful.  I can't thank them enough for their help.  We spent a ton of time looking at center stones.  They pulled out several diamonds, placed them on the setting I had picked out and explained the differences to me.  They offered me honest advice to go along with amazing jewelry at great prices.  They are committed to great service and I never felt any pressure to buy anything.  All they cared about was me getting exactly what I wanted, and that I did.  

My Fiance loves the ring and gets a ton of compliments.  I can't recommend General Diamonds enough.  We will definitely go back for both her and my wedding bands.

Thanks so much Farid and Aida!  I feel so happy to have found a jeweler I can trust.

Tim H.
Los Angeles, CA
GO TO GENERAL DIAMONDS! I'm so happy that my brother bought his fiance's engagement ring here. And believe me,  we went ALL over shopping for the best deal. General Diamonds was clearly the best choice. Farid and Aida were amazing, and I could not have asked for a more pleasant experience. They were very patient with us, no matter how meticulous and picky we were being, and they even advised us to buy the cheaper diamond because it was a better deal, proving to us that the two we were comparing looked basically identical. Honesty like that does not come around very often.

We went to the jewelry stores in the malls and to other stores in the LA Jewelry district, and we shopped for over a month to find what we wanted. General Diamonds was by far the best place we visited. Their service is fantastic and their prices blow the other stores away. We were blown away, especially after we saw the ring my brother bought! And naturally, his fiance was blown away too!

Make it easy on yourselves and save a month of your life shopping for jewelry. Just go to General Diamonds, and be assured you made the best choice!

Rachel R.
San Diego, CA
Getting our rings from General Diamonds was the best descision  we have ever made! My wonderful fiance let me pick out and with Farids' help design my own engagament ring, it turned out AMAZING! We of course got the wedding bands here as well which are equally as Stunning. 

A friend of mine reccomended General Diamonds to us and we couldn't be happier with the results. Besides all of the beautiful jewelry available here Farid and Aida are two of the sweetest people we've ever met. They were so helpful, patient, and informative when going through the diamond buying process with us.
Excellent service, Excellent quality, Excellent price!

We could not have asked for a better experience! We will be back soon for more jewelry. This is the perfect place to find gifts for someone special! 

Start your diamond search here it will save you a lot of time and money.

karin a.
Oceanside, CA

I recently purchased an engagement ring at General Diamonds and I could not speak more highly of the experience.  I went there based on a recommendation from a close friend and all of his praise was totally earned.  Farid and Aida were wonderful.  They were knowledgeable and patient, sharing their  experience and expertise.  They worked with me every step of the way to collaborate on the perfect piece.  I'll be recommending them to everyone I know.

Los Angeles, CA
First of all, I traveled from two states over to look at the selection of all the shops in Los Angeles.  I was buying a diamond engagement ring for my soon to be fiancé.  After looking for weeks on the internet and shopping all the retail jewelry stores, I made my way to General Diamonds.  I'm really lucky that I found them.  The service was awesome and the selection of diamonds was amazing.  I found what I was looking for and purchased the ring from them the next day.  Farid and Aida helped me pick the perfect princess cut diamond and a beautiful setting that went along with it.  Farid took me along to watch the diamond setter set the diamond and then we both went to watch the ring be cleaned and polished.  It was a great experience and made purchasing the ring at General Diamonds even more memorable.  They actually gave me the opportunity to be a part of the whole process.  Needless to say that everyone thought the diamond was perfect especially my fiancé.  And yes they earned my business and I will be going to them for the wedding bands.  This is how a great business like General Diamonds treats its customers and I appreciate that very much.

Jake P.
Albuquerque, NM
I went to several place before, but the last place I ended up here @ General Diamonds, Out of all the places I went to, this place made me feel the warmest. Very nice people, great service, and very helpful. Right when u walk in, u already know that this place has great quality. I told them what I wanted, the price I was lookin for, and ended up getting something better.. I could say that Farid and Aida helped me out with the marriage.. Totally recommendable.

Marlo L.
Los Angeles, CA
My fiance and I chose to buy wedding bands from General Diamonds after being so pleased with our experience buying my engagement ring there, as well.  Going in, I knew exactly what I wanted. My fiance, on the other hand, had no clue what to pick out.  Aida helped him try on nine different styles of wedding bands over and over, answering all of our questions with confidence, patience and grace.  She was so helpful, quietly offering her opinion without trying to influence us into something we didn't like, nor could afford.  It was obvious that she cared to help us pick out something we would be pleased with.

Both Farid and Aida are very knowledgeable and are happy to offer honest and helpful insights to their patrons.  Each of our visits here have been ideal.  Farid and Aida seemed very happy to help us find the perfect fit for our personality and our budget.  It is easy to see that they take pride in their business by making customers feel special and welcome. (Farid always offers to clean my rings while we shop!)  They both enjoy getting to know their new customers while also maintaining a good relationship with their more seasoned patrons.  When you visit General Diamonds, you will feel as though you are welcomed into their home.

After one month of marriage, my husband and I are very pleased with our rings.  We often get compliments on the beauty, style and how well each piece reflects our personality.  When that special anniversary rolls around, General Diamonds will be the first stop!

Jenna L.
San Diego, CA
I heard about General Diamonds from a buddy of mine when I was looking to buy an engagement ring. Although I had a pretty tight budget, Farid was able to get me a beautiful diamond ring. I described to him what I was looking for over the phone and he sent me a diamond that was better much better quality than anything I could have found in Nebraska and at a much better price. My fiancee tells me constantly how much she loves the ring. I will never buy any jewelery again without first talking to Farid. Thanks!!

Jay S.
Lincoln, NE
When my fiance proposed to me he decided to let me pick out the ring of my choice. Well the hunting for 'the ring' took us a good 2 and a half weeks of walking into store after store. We started out with the well known stores like Robins Brothers, Jewelry Exchange of Tustin, Zales...Each one of them had ridiculous prices and policies on the tiniest carat diamond rings. Just as I was ready to give up, I searched online and found Hill St's jewelry district. What is funny is that when I yelped Hill St Jewelry stores this place did not pop up. As good as all the other jewelry stores on Hill St were, they didnt have the service, selection and prices that General Diamonds can offer. Aida was just so welcoming right from the first moment we stepped into the store. While at first glance, I didnt think there would be much of a selection there (compared to a store like Robbins Bros), I was surprised. They have quite a selection-plus every ring of theirs is so pretty.
Once I picked the ring I LOVED, Farid and Aida showed me the official certification on the diamonds. Aida made sure we looked threw the little scope at our rock, so we would know its minute imperfections listed in the certification.
General Diamonds was by far the best place I shopped at. I will be sure to be coming back to this store for al my jewelry needs. Thank you Farid and Aida. I absolutely LOVE my ring.

Roshini C.
South Gate, CA
I bought my fiancee's engagement ring here and we later went back for our wedding bands as well.

I first came across General Diamonds after a friend had mentioned he had a good experience with purchasing an engagement ring there and decided to make the trip up from San Diego.

I didn't know much about diamonds, but it didn't matter. The owners went over every aspect of a diamond and how the variables really come together. Most jewelers just show you only what you ask to see (especially true of the chain stores I visited), but the owners here let me see a range of diamond qualities just to better illustrate the differences between grades to help me make a much more informed decision. Farid and Aida (the owners) were incredibly helpful, but above all they were honest.

Of course, the greatest thing about my experience was the price. Nowhere else would I be able to get the quality of ring I did at the price the owners gave me.

The whole experience was amazing: great quality diamonds at a price far better than any other jeweler and owners that have great advice on what to look for in each diamond to ensure you get what you want and not what they think you should buy. I took my brother-in-law to them on Christmas Eve so he could purchase his engagement ring from them as well and they were able to build him the ring he wanted in a single day so that he could propose on Christmas Day - that type of custom ring service over the holidays won't be found anywhere else. I don't intend to ever go to another jewelry store.

Deb V.
Stanford, CA
We thought we'd write an update as we have returned to General Diamonds and bought my wedding band. It is beautiful, fits perfectly with my engagement ring, and so much better than we could have imagined. Our original plan was to use an Irish wedding band - - but after we received it from Ireland... it just didn't work for us.

Farid & Aida knew exactly what would work and we couldn't be happier! Thank you!!

PS - What's going on with Yelp? My original review was not displaying until after I signed in.... and now I'm showing as the first reviewer? It's really odd as I saw 2 really great reviews prior to mine.

Amy D.
Woodland Hills, CA
My fiancé and I have been shopping together for my ring and diamond for the last couple of weeks. We've been to many stores in downtown and other parts of the city and by far, Farid and Aida have been the warmest, most informative and most friendly and by a long shot, have the best prices.

We were there for a very long time as my fiancée squinted through the magnifying glass and tested his steady hands with diamond tweezers. Farid stood by ready to answer questions and offered practical advice.  

Outstanding service. Great and unbeatable prices. Honest and caring advice. Super important for such an important and expensive purchase!

Jennifer R.
Santa Monica, CA
I was shopping around for an engagement ring, I wanted to surprise my girlfriend. I tried the malls, but there prices were out there, so a friend suggested the jewelry district in downtown. Went to a few places, but I wasn't happy with the stuff that I saw. I wanted something spectacular and I wanted a piece with quality. I found it at general diamonds. Aida and Farid were the nicest couple to work with, they had a great selection of rings, and they also had a great selection of quality center stones. I saw a ring I fell in love with and I was pretty sure my girlfriend would fall in love with it also. No pressure to buy, no sales person breathing down your neck trying to make a sale. I had a great experience. I will be back soon to purchase our wedding bands. Thank you Farid and Aida.

David D.
Glendale, CA
We went down to see Farid and Aida at their shop in the jewelry district today.  They were super friendly and seemed more interested in helping us find the right stone rather than the most expensive one we could afford.  The best part is that their prices were awesome.  I compared everything that the showed us against blue nile and other wholesalers and nobody came close.  You want people you can trust when spending money on a expensive ring/stone and I think these people will give you the real deal and the best price.

Jason B.
Santa Monica, CA
I came to the LA jewelry district to buy a pair of diamond studs for my mother. After going through many stores, I came to General Diamonds and I absolutely loved it. Farid and Aida were extremely helpful and patient, and the studs I bought were of excellent quality and at a great price (and my mother loved them!). I recommend General Diamonds to everyone! I will always come here for all of my jewelry needs!

Rachel M.
Santa Monica, CA
This is honestly the best place to shop when it comes to diamonds.
If your reading this then your probably are looking for diamonds to buy-as I was.  First off LA diamond district is really the place were you want to buy a diamond. I went on a Saturday and after 9 hours window shopping engagement rings I found Farid and Aida at General Diamonds to be the most honest and helpful shop around (by far).
Even after being recommended by a best friend and a co-worker to two different jewelry shops in LA, and searching for 9 hours to 15 different shops! my final choice was General Diamonds.

I went in to the store and after just briefly taking to Aida of what I was looking for see helped me out finding the best diamond I could afford. Actually at other stores in the district they wanted way more money for the hearts and arrows diamond I was wanting. They  were super helpful and kind and I really could tell they wanted me to be happy with the ring I bought. When I spoke to Farid, Aida husband for (i think) 25 years, He was super nice and not only did he give me a super great deal but also got me the ring ready for pick up by Monday.
Great service, great knowledge of their products, great prices and a store that you can trust.

Side note:  
Other stores i went to that day were tying to sell me the most cloudy diamonds ever. some jewelers were trying to sell me uncertified diamonds, and swearing of the quality of their diamonds would pass the certs they say.

Save your self time and money and go directly to General Diamonds.

Paul O.
Simi Valley, CA
We thought we'd write an update as we have returned to General Diamonds and bought my wedding band.  It is beautiful, fits perfectly with my engagement ring, and so much better than we could have imagined.  Our original plan was to use an Irish wedding band - - but after we received it from Ireland... it just didn't work for us.

Farid & Aida knew exactly what would work and we couldn't be happier!  Thank you!!

PS  - What's going on with Yelp?  My original review was not displaying until after I signed in.... and now I'm showing as the first reviewer?  It's really odd as I saw 2 really great reviews prior to mine.

Amy D.
Woodland Hills, CA
This past December, I was looking around for a necklace and earrings for my wife as a Christmas gift. My buddy referred me to General Diamonds, where he bought his wife's engagement ring and wedding bands. He was totally happy with their experience at General Diamonds, so I gave it a try.

Farid and Aida were perhaps the most caring and honest jewelers I have ever encountered. They had a huge selection to choose from, and they helped me choose something beautiful for my wife. My wife was ecstatic about the beautiful diamond necklace and stud earrings.

I very highly recommend General Diamonds for anyone looking for an effortless and enjoyable jewelry-buying experience. And parking is validated!

Jack L.
Los Angeles, CA
You won't find a better deal on jewelry in Southern California!  They're a true wholesale diamond and jewelry dealer.  Go see for yourself.  I purchased wife's engagement ring here and returned for my wedding ring.  

The service is wonderful and the prices are half of a retail store.   They're in downtown LA on the 8th floor. Tell them that i referred you!  Good luck.

keith o.
Redondo Beach, CA
Fabulous Farid and Awesome Aida! Fantastic quality and the best prices you'll find for diamonds or fine jewelry in the district. I was referred to several other jewelry business and none could match the prices of General Diamonds, not to mention the quality of the owners, two of the nicest and most sincere couples i've met (Farid and Aida are married). It's not high pressure sales, just honest to goodness customer service. I highly recommend them if you are interested in buying any fine jewelry.

Los Angeles, CA
General Diamonds is a fantastic place to buy jewelry. My dad, who is a long-time customer of General Diamonds, referred me to Farid to buy an engagement ring. Farid and Aida were lovely to work with. For the excellent price you pay, they have amazing service too! Farid patiently taught me so much about diamonds and what to look for, and he personally called me each week to keep me up-to-date on the progress of my ring. They are really nice and honest people who really cared about my pocket and my comfort. It was a real pleasure and easy experience to buy from General Diamonds, and I will be referring all my friends there. And my wife LOVED the ring!

Rick W.
Los Angeles, CA
I bought my fiancee's engagement ring here and we later went back for our wedding bands as well.

I first came across General Diamonds after a friend had mentioned he had a good experience with purchasing an engagement ring there and decided to make the trip up from San Diego.

I didn't know much about diamonds, but it didn't matter. The owners went over every aspect of a diamond and how the variables really come together. Most jewelers just show you only what you ask to see (especially true of the chain stores I visited), but the owners here let me see a range of diamond qualities just to better illustrate the differences between grades to help me make a much more informed decision. Farid and Aida (the owners) were incredibly helpful, but above all they were honest.

Of course, the greatest thing about my experience was the price. Nowhere else would I be able to get the quality of ring I did at the price the owners gave me.

The whole experience was amazing: great quality diamonds at a price far better than any other jeweler and owners that have great advice on what to look for in each diamond to ensure you get what you want and not what they think you should buy. I took my brother-in-law to them on Christmas Eve so he could purchase his engagement ring from them as well and they were able to build him the ring he wanted in a single day so that he could propose on Christmas Day - that type of custom ring service over the holidays won't be found anywhere else. I don't intend to ever go to another jewelry store.
Deb V. Stanford, CA